How NOT to decide where to go to the hospital – Colin Blenis, RN


One study examined the relationship between online consumer ratings(e.g., Google, Yelp, RateMDs) and the hospital’s performance on a variety of indicators of hospital quality. Ratings had no relationship to many quality indicators including the length of stay in EDs, or hospital acquired infections in part because patients have no way of evaluating quality (e.g., how would a patient know whether they are receiving the right antibiotic and within time frames specified by guidelines).

One study looked at the rank of your doctor’s medical school and whether it had any relation to the quality of care received. The answer from this study is no. Patients had similar costs and outcomes regardless of where they went to school. U.S. medical schools are really bad at producing bad doctors, and even the bad ones exist in systems of other doctors and nurses who safe.


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