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Most women don’t plan to have c-sections, they’re usually the result of an emergency. Your baby’s heart rate has spiked, they’re not responding to various methods of extracting them from your body, or they’re just too big.

My first child did not want to come out of the womb; they tried forceps, a vacuum, you name it. When her heart rate started getting so rapid the doctor was concerned for her life, they wheeled me into surgery.

Whether a baby comes out of you vaginally or through your abdomen while you’re drugged, it’s magical. That first cry is the best sound in the world, and you forget all the pain for a while.


I went through this rodeo twice, thinking I was a bit more prepared the second time around. Turns out different doctors have different methods, but I’m hoping if it comes to a third, I’ll be ready. Here’s what I’ve experienced:

You may need more medicine then the doctor initially gives you.

With my first c-section I was prescribed oxycodone for about two weeks post-op, and it was a good amount of time. There was a fair amount of discomfort towards the end, but it was manageable. However, with my second, the doctor gave me enough for 5 days.

I wanted to punch him in the face.

I actually had a much rougher delivery with my second, the spinal tap they tried in lieu of an epidural didn’t work. So, they put me out to bring my child into the world. When I woke up, I had no pain medicine in my system and felt everything from the surgery.

After 30 minutes of screaming and scaring my husband to death, I finally was medicated enough to where I could function. When I talked to my doctor about what happened he just said, “Well, you’re fine.”

He sure didn’t win any points for his bedside manner.

So you can imagine my frustration when he prescribed me much less medicine than my body would need. I was on the phone so fast, demanding he give me more medicine now. I got it, but if I have another child, you better believe I’ll be seeking medical help elsewhere!

You need to baby your incision for a while.

You’d think that would go without saying, but life doesn’t slow down just because you had your insides cut open. You can hurt yourself in ways you’d least expect it; a dog jumping up to say hi, an older child rough-housing and bumping into you, the ways are endless.

My uncle came to see my baby a week after she was born, and gave me a few friendly pats on the stomach when I opened the door. I’m not sure if he knew I had a c-section, or realized how firm “friendly pats” can be. He had no intention to hurt me, but ohhhh the pain.

I stopped having people over for a while after that!

You just had major surgery, it’s going to take some time to recover from. Don’t expect yourself to be super-mom right away, accomplishing everything and then some. You get yourself some help, and let that incision heal!

When you get gas — it’s going to feel like you’re in labor all over again.

This is the WORST part of having a c-section. Seriously. It is absolute agony, and the bathroom is going to become your worst enemy. If you have a sweet husband or partner like me, he’s going to brave it with you and ask what he can do to help.

But seriously, there’s nothing he can do.

Because every time those gas pains come, you’re going to be screaming bloody murder. Gas X will become your new best friend, and Google will start auto-populating “gas relief.”

In my experience, there’s not much you can do (minus the above) but wait it out. It will get better, but you’re going to be in agony every time you’re bloated or gassy for a while. I’m sorry, I feel for you. I really do.

Just don’t take it out on the toilet paper holder, it did nothing to you. Ripping it out of the wall while you’re screaming won’t help you feel better, trust me.

Never fear, I’m sure there are problems with vaginal births too.

Don’t let my experiences scare you, just be aware these things may arise for you as well. You’ll forget the struggles soon enough — I did it twice and am considering a third!

The reason why is those beautiful, precious babies. The way they come into the world may cause a whole lot of pain and discomfort for you, but don’t worry.

They’ll continue causing that stress throughout their lives. 😉

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