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Dino kids birthday decoration

Our son has become his 4th birthday a Dino party desired. So he should get this too. I have to admit, I do not have it with Dinos. I do not know anything about it, nor do I find it particularly “attractive”, but for the special day of our great, of course, I have something to do with the issue apart;).

Not only that, we had a motto for the birthday for the first time this year, even more exciting, too the first child birthday was on.

Dino Invitations

In the classic way, our son was allowed to land four children and we made the invitations together. Super simple, yet fitting and beautiful: a Dino from colorful construction paper, cut out by Jack, no frills. Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the result.

Dino decoration for the children's birthday

For the decoration of the children's birthday I have inspiration on Pinterest fetched. There you will find many, great ideas. In addition, I looked online, what would have to buy for matching decoration. Since nothing has really promised me and I also wanted to do something myself, I rummaged through my craft boxes and looked, from what I could tinker something.

Dino, decoration, DIY, DIY with children

Finally, I have one simple, black garland with little dinosaurs decorated. After I had picked out templates on the Internet, I have the little dinosaurs from an old advertising brochure cut out. Here I found the gray just super fit. In addition, I have, after presenting the invitations, a few larger dinosaurs from old application folders (Those were still times, so completely without on-line application procedure;)) cut out.

Made of green paper remnants leaves and there on the wish list “a big dino balloon“I have ordered this as a special decorative element online.

Dino, garland, DIY, make yourself, guide, mamablog

Deco, leaves, birthday, kid, party

Dinosaur Birthday Boy 4 decoration

Cakes, snacks and Co. for the Dino children's birthday party

With us it is a solid ritual that the birthday child already gets a cupcake in the morning. For our son I baked a marble cake, with colorful sprinkles and a Schleich Dino* as a decoration.

From the same dough (I just did a little bit more) I baked a large marble cake for the birthday party and then decorated it neatly. Say, massive gummy bears! Such a Candy cake does a good job and the kids were (briefly) impressed. But then it was better to play again, more on that later. The recipe for the super juicy Marble cake without dairy products I will log soon.

Candy Cake Dino Kids Birthday Vegan, Marble Cake

There was one more besides the sugar bomb vegan apple pie with sprinkles, such as little dinosaurs, which I from a watermelon with a normal one Dino cookie cutter* gouged out.

Dino, melona, ​​cookie cutter, party, snack, summer

To snack In addition, there were small paper cups with spelled pretzels and snacks on the table.

Games for the Kids Birthday – Treasure Hunt and Dino Eggs

From other children's birthday I already knew that The children like to play freely and at the age of 4 are not that crazy about games. Still, I really wanted to try a little treasure hunt. And what can I say, she arrived well and could have lasted even longer.

For the Treasure hunt around our house I have painted small pictures on footprints of Dinos. I decided to paint because the children can not read yet. On the trail was always the place to see, where the next Dino track has hidden. So the children ran from footprint to footprint. Most of the footprints they found super fast – as the spouse would have been allowed to hide a little harder;). Finally, the kids were allowed to search in the sandbox for the buried treasure. For this I have in 5 small bags Dino tattoos*, a lollipop and a small roll of gummy bears packed.

Treasure hunt, children's birthday, 4 years, boy

As another activity I have plastic dinosaurs* packed in balloons, filled with water and then frozen. So great Dino eggs made of ice. These arrived great and were perfect for the weather. Because we had well over 30 degrees and every cooling was more than welcome.

Dinosaur Kids Birthday Game idea

Dino, egg, ice, DIY, birthday, summer

Speaking of cooling – the highlight at the children's birthday party was definitely ours Dino sink* and the Squirt guns*, The children played with it most of the time.

Paddling pool, pool, dino, children, garden

If the mood was tilted, I would still have a round Topfschlagen offered. But because the kids splash around, swing, squirt and co. I just let them play.

Dino Tattoo Game Idea Kids Birthday Gift

Gift ideas for boys from 4 years

Since I was asked again and again, and what our son got for his birthday, attached a few Inspirations for Dino fans,

Of course there was for our son not just “Dino stuff”but also, for example:

from his friends and family (grandmas, grandpa, aunts …).

Giveaway child birthday

“The” theme now seem (unfortunately) to be part of a children's birthday party. I'm completely honest, I'm not a big fan of it, Little things from a treasure hunt, or from the pot beating I think nice, but bulging filled bags completely superfluous. That's why I did not think too much here. The children were allowed, of course the tattoos* (1 sheet from the set of 12) and the little dino, as well as lollipops and gummy bears. Everything may not be “educationally valuable” (plastic and candy), but I'm pretty sure the kids found it pretty cool – and that's the main thing on such a special day!

All in all, it was a nice day, in which we all in the evening all ko, but happy fallen into the beds.

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