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The thrill across the faculty bag is nice – not solely within the preschool mice. If you do not need to be tempted to make the college bag your self, we have now an concept!

Tatiana Reuber from reuberkind is virtually the skilled in making faculty luggage your self: Of their store you should buy handcrafted faculty luggage. For these of you who haven’t pre-ordered shortly sufficient or choose to seize your craft garments your self, right here comes Tatjana's directions for a college bag adorned with confetti. We like the concept of ​​giving each confetti a superb want. In fact solely thought, as a result of we all know: Solely the imaginary needs come true!


  • Faculty bag clean fabricated from self-adhesive Creapop movie, for instance, from the corporate Hobbyfun, spherical, 70 cm together with the enclosed meeting directions
  • Cloth, not smaller than 65 cm x 75 cm, cotton, white, ironed
  • Craft felt, 1 mm thick, 65 cm x 25 cm
  • Bias binding, 20 mm huge, 65 cm
  • Ribbon, satin ribbon 10 mm huge, 70 cm, white
  • PVA glue
  • slender bristle brush
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (lower into 5 mm huge strips) or already slender on the roll
  • Crochet hook mm
  • Cotton crochet yarn 8/Eight for needles 4-5 mm, e.g. by Rico Design
  • material scissors
  • white string for the clean meeting, about 1 m … you’ll be able to, for instance. Use white crochet wool!
  • thick needle for wool
  • additionally: earlier data in crocheting, specifically for

Directions for the college bag:

Step 1: Acquire and assemble bag clean

First you launch the provider foil from the clean. Subsequent, you place the material on, paint it firmly and lower off the protruding material edges with scissors. Now put collectively the clean with needle and string.

Step 2: Shut the college bag with felt

Lay the school bag blank with adhesive tape
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Lay the college bag edge from the within with adhesive tape.

Remove protective tape from the tape // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Take away protecting paper from the adhesive strips

Felt roll in a school bag blank // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Roll the felt over the slender facet and place the felt roll within the bag.

red felt in school bag blank
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Roll up the felt alongside the sting and press firmly

Step 3: Acquire the sting of the college bag with bias binding

Bias binding lays splendidly round curves with out waves to beat. Right here it’s used to beautify the transition from material to felt.

Coat school bag with glue
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Unfold the sting of the bag approx. 5 mm huge with glue utilizing the comb.

Apply bias tape to school blank blank
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Place the bias binding in order that half of it protrudes above and persist with the sting of the bag.

Glue on the school bag with bias tape
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Coat the overlapping bias tape with glue from the within, fold inwards and thoroughly apply.

Step 4: designing the college bag

In line with the theme of confetti, coloured circles are crocheted. For the college bag you want about 50 items.

Initial loop on crochet hook // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Put the preliminary loop on the needle.

Three air meshes on the crochet hook // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Then crochet three air stitches

11 chopsticks on the crochet hook // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Crochet 11 sticks within the first air mesh.

Close confetti with the hookah needle
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Shut spherical with chain sew

Tighten crochet confetti // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Firmly tighten the circle centered with the interior finish of the thread.

finished crochet confetti // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Knot each ends of the thread after which lower quick.

Make school bag yourself // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Make about 50 items for the college bag

Crochet confetti on school bag // PeerDIY
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Prepare the completed crocheted circles on the bag as desired and glue them on with Bastelleim.

School bag with bow
© Tatjana Reuber / reuberkind

Now simply put the white ribbon across the felt and tie a bow. Completed!

You might be nonetheless searching for concepts for filling the college bag?

TOP 10 concepts for filling the college bag

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