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How this fruit scared the crap out of me and fooled my physician.

Spring is totally upon us and the rattling mango tree within the yard has spires of tiny fruit in abundance. Mango hell to be unleashed like by no means earlier than within the 10 years we’ve lived in our house.

I noticed it coming. The cool days had been dwindling. Little flowers sprouting all over the place. An unstoppable dreaded yield’s starting.

Reminiscences of the mango trauma I endured are flooding again — the mysterious residing nightmare.


Working two jobs coupled with household life saved me so busy I barely had time to do something besides sleep and pay payments between my obligations.

I earned a day off from my job at Costco and simply completed taking good care of an account working my garden enterprise. Being sweaty and soiled, the time appeared good to select mangoes.

Tons of of the inexperienced fruit dangle precariously on weak taunting stems mocking me. Fallen mangoes should be averted.

Rats and squirrels nip on the fruit. They go away fleshy remanents rotting on the bottom. Wasps construct houses within the losing mangoes.

Grabbing low hanging mangoes and bagging them I’m stung a number of occasions by wasps guarding their territory. The stings are annoying however I maintain selecting. I additionally made it a degree to eliminate the grounded decomposing fruit.

The style of mangoes repulses me however my neighbors and family love them. Mango scent is throughout me. Juice seeps from the fruit as I break every mango off the tree. It’s sticky and emanating a candy pungent odor.

Ripe mango scent invades my mouth and I tasted the tropical yuch!

My arms had been sticky. I acquired 7 fantastic wasp stings and mosquitoes bit my arms, legs, and neck. After accumulating a 100 mangoes my fruit selecting afternoon got here to a conclusion.

Inexperienced Contemporary Picked from Pixabay

A tough day’s tough evening.

The insect bites had been itching and I attempted to withstand however I scratched them. Particles from the mango tree fell into my eyes so I used my mango juice coated arms to rub and clear the irritations.

Ready too lengthy to make use of the lavatory induced me to hurry inside and I didn’t wash my arms earlier than relieving myself. I vigorously cleaned up and took a bathe.

Because the night went on I observed uncommon flares of itching throughout my physique. Infernal, persistent hassle. Fortuitously, we had Benadryl. I swallowed the drugs and the itching subsided. I fell asleep.

However, sleep quickly evaded me. Fixed agitation woke up me all through the evening. I attempted to not scratch and rubbed any irritations. My physique blossomed in patches of stinging pink blotches.

Exhaustion received the most effective of me and although the itches saved up their assault sleep handed over me for about an hour then the morning arrived. Opening my eyes turned a wrestle. Sticky goo glued my lids and lashes shut.

Rubbing my closed eyes with my palms loosened the gook preserving them shut. However, my imaginative and prescient was obscured and cloudy. The pores and skin round my eye sockets felt puffy and a horrible itching attacked my groin space.

The lavatory mirror revealed the horror. My eyes had been swollen. Purple dotted splotches populated areas throughout my physique. My groin was on fireplace and my respiration was irregular.

Driving to the physician required all of my focus. No less than didn’t have to enter work at Costco. I had Friday off however my garden accounts required servicing. Fortunately my physician squeezed me in for an early appointment as a result of one other affected person’s cancellation.

(Sustaining my garden service accounts, in a while, required all my fortitude in getting via the new, sticky, itchy hell.)

Explaining to the physician about selecting the mangos and being stung by wasps a number of occasions gave him some concern. He gave me a prescription for a robust dose of the drugs in Benedryl then defined how although I had not been allergic to wasps previously as a result of my growing older my physique was altering.

I assumed my physician was right and took the drugs. My swelling and itching went away after a couple of days.

Smiley Emoticon from Pixabay

Shocking repeat.

Weeks handed and extra mangos turned ripe for the selecting. The buildup wanted assortment. I sprayed the mango tree space with tons of vinegar and lemon juice 2 or three occasions for the reason that final mango gathering episode and the wasps had been gone.

Filling used plastic grocery baggage stuffed with mangos for household and neighbors gave me a way of usefulness. My reward loved by joyful thank yous. Although I couldn’t stand the mango style everybody else appeared to like them.

Mango tree sap coated my fingers and arms once more. I didn’t suppose a lot concerning the sticky juice.

The following morning I woke up to eyes glued shut. My physique itched throughout. However, I hadn’t been stung by wasps. What the hell was occurring?

Then the notion struck me. Possibly I used to be allergic to mangos. The concept appeared odd. I by no means heard of a mango allergy.

Dashing to my pc I puzzled if my physician ever thought-about or knew of mango sensitivity.

I’ve eaten recent mango, drank mango juice, and eaten desserts made with mango however by no means had an allergic response to such meals. So, why would I’ve an issue with selecting mangos?

Shazam! A Google search revealed the relation of the mango tree to poison sumac, poison ivy, and poison oak. Hidden within the branches, leaves, stems, and berries of the Mango, the chemical urushiol could cause swelling, blistering, and itching.


My new prognosis match the circumstances. I discovered topical diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and utilized the cream to itchy outbreaks overlaying my physique. I additionally drank parts of the drugs till my allergic breakouts concluded.

I’ve been stung by wasps a couple of occasions for the reason that first mango selecting craziness. No allergic response. The stings are simply an annoyance.

However, mango timber are harmful to me. My mango tree yells hazard at me.

Now, after I choose mangos I am going in totally coated. My outfit consists of pants, a protracted sleeved shirt, an previous, massive, well-used windbreaker (with a excessive neck), a hat, protecting side-paneled glasses, boots, and plastic gloves.

Completely no pores and skin publicity!

Go well with Decontamination from Pixabay

I don’t care if it’s near 100˚ Fahrenheit and I’m coated in a lake of perspiration whereas selecting mangos. I’m staying secure.

Please watch out when selecting mangos. Small efforts in planning to decorate appropriately when accumulating mangos can forestall surprising itching and swelling hell.

Then, go for it and choose away. Get pleasure from your mangos in some ways.

The reward is nice. Household, mates, and neighbors love my mangos.

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