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Logically enough, children can not ride their own bicycles from the start – and for safety reasons, they should not do that for a certain amount of time. As a parent you still have certain options if you do not want to give up your bike rides, but also do not want to exclude your child. You should be specific Choose between a child bike trailer and a bicycle seat, Which of the two options is the better choice, we would like to explain to you here.

Advantages of the children's bicycle trailer

Also dogs or luggage can be transported with a trailer!

In one Bicycle trailers For children, you can transport your offspring comfortably from A to B. There are different models, for example for one or two children, with different features and different designs.

However, the basic function is the same for all followers, as well as some benefits:

  • Riding in the trailer is very convenient for the children. You can move relatively freely in the trailer compared to the bicycle seat. Playing, reading and cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal is also not a problem as toys and the like can not easily fall out of the trailer.
  • Transporting more luggage is also no problem. Stow your handbag, provisions and the like in the trailer instead of carrying the ballast on your shoulders.
  • For holiday trips and longer tours you should also reach for the trailer, as your child sits in it much more comfortable and less likely to whine begins.
  • At the right air pressure and good suspension, your child has maximum comfort
  • Even babies can be safely transported in the trailer.
bike trailer
A bike trailer offers more space and safety!

The disadvantages of the bicycle trailer

Where there is light is also shadow. So the best trailer not only benefits. You must expect the following disadvantages when using a bicycle trailer:

  • A trailer is not exactly space-saving compared to the seat. Above all, if you do not have a garage, it could ever come to space problems in the apartment. So watch out for a trailer that folds well.
  • In the trailer children are exposed by the height directly to the exhaust fumes of the cars.
  • A trailer is much more expensive than a seat.

If you want to find out more about bike trailers, we recommend the page, Here we have found the most information!

The advantages of the bicycle seat

Let's get to the bicycle seat. This is also not a bad choice as it offers the following advantages:

  • It does not occupy as much space as a trailer and can be mounted quickly and easily.
  • The physical proximity to the child is greater, which often gives parents and children a better feeling.
  • The bike seat is also characterized by its better maneuverability and the practical handling of up and down.
  • The seat is much lighter and you therefore only have to carry a minimal amount of weight.

Disadvantages of the bicycle seat

Even bicycle seats can come up with some advantages. But they also have certain disadvantages that should not be ignored:

  • For children, riding in a bicycle seat is quickly uncomfortable and they start to whine more quickly.
  • You can not carry more than one child.
  • Your child is not protected from insects, wind and UV radiation.
  • Especially when falling, a trailer is much safer.

No matter what you transport your child with, no choice is a bad one per se. It is much more a matter of personal taste. For everyday use and frequent short trips, a bicycle seat is certainly more practical, while for longer trips or trips with several children you should prefer the trailer. In any case, pay attention to important quality seals when purchasing both variants like Tüv or also the GS-seal,

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