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Set up the bedroom sustainably

It seems to be the liveliest word of the last few years: sustainability. Some think its meaning has become independent and falsified, others swear by it. We just look at it: what does it mean to set up and live sustainably? Or, more precisely: How to buy sustainable furniture? How to set up the bedroom sustainably?

The materials: for a natural sleeping environment

If one thinks of institution behind the foil of sustainability, one must first of the used materials and their nature talk. Ecological resources for furniture and Co. are economical in the extraction / production and recyclable or biodegradable, Everything organic, such as herbal and animal products, everything in the long run no harmful traces on the earth leaves behind, is permissible, so to speak.

For example, it would be concrete Down duvets with cotton cover, or the Boxspring beds made of solid wood of the established company “Linetti“Legitimate home furnishings. So you get the nature into the bedroom.


Second chances and upcycling

Effective upcycling
The principle of upcycling is child's play, can be applied in almost every field, saves money and protects the environment at the same time.

What is more sustainable: an IKEA plywood bed, or a brand new solid wood bed? The answer seems crystal clear, but you have it there not yet done the bill with the upcycling, Putting away a perhaps cheaply made bed after a few years is perhaps its secret purpose, but safe not in the interest of environmental friendliness, Secondhand use of such furniture can in some cases actually be more environmentally friendly than using new materials.

Production conditions: What does it mean to set up ecologically?

Non-natural conditions during production Will the project be designed to make the bedroom sustainable? big on the “Not-To-Buy” list write. It goes without saying that you have to dig a little deeper into the bag, but you do not have to spend that much time with the usually higher quality.

In terms of production conditions, there are several points to watch out for. If you join Production, human and animal protection practice some mindfulness, you can actively yours shape ecological footprint,

Water and energy consumption

Avocados are incredibly popular with both those who care about the origin of food and those who do not. What nobody seems to think about is that one kilogram of avocados in the Production a thousand liters of water consumed. The situation is similar with other consumer goods. So keep an eye out for manufacturers that come with you to pay attention to their water and energy consumption,

animal welfare

Who never got anything from Live plucking, or mulesing heard again, should take a closer look, from where he his Down and merino sheep blankets has related. The animals the Just pull out feathers and down like that, or the Cut the skin off the tail, can not be a justifiable practice. Objects that have arisen under such conditions have lost nothing in the bedroom or anywhere else.

Longevity of the furniture

How do you save resources? Right: you do not use them. And that's what you do, by using the resources you've already used for a longer time. If trees are cleared so that the product made from them can end up in bulky waste after 2 years, you have shot far past the goal of sustainability, Qualitative solid wood beds For example, they can last a lifetime if they are not unusually strained.

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