More than just status: cashmere fashion as lifestyle objects


Sheep wool can sometimes scratch, in artificial fibers unpleasant sweat odor is unfortunately inevitable and cotton is nice, but not particularly exciting either. The noble alternative is cashmere clothing, Although the fine wool is a little more expensive, but the investment is worthwhile because Kaschmirmode is particularly timeless and survives some winter unscathed by their high quality. Above all, noble cashmere sweaters are at the top of the female favor!

cashmere Fashion

That is why cashmere clothing is so popular


But what makes the famous wool so popular? One thing is to say: it's not just that unique fluffy feelthat gives the rash.

  • By her special fineness the wool is not scratchy at all and therefore it is Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Cashmere wool warms in winter up to six times better than conventional sheep wool.
  • Also, if one would not suspect it from the fine fiber, it is extreme strong and tear-resistant.
  • cashmere is actually too easy care: The wool is dirt-repellent and absorbs hardly any odors. In addition, it is very flexible and does not wrinkle – annoying ironing also falls away.
  • Moisture is absorbed quickly and discharged to the outside – so you do not feel like sweating.

So you see, it's not just the noble look and softness of the cashmere goat wool that speaks. Pay attention to the purchase as possible high cashmere contentto make the most of the above benefits. Further Cashmere quality criteria You can also find the online platform

How to combine cashmere with style

Do you already have a cashmere garment? Wonderful! Then it is now the trend part to combine properly, cashmere Fashion is very timeless and thankfully easy to combineso that it should not be that difficult for you to make a great look out of it. Here are some suggestions for you. Let yourself be inspired:

  • Cashmere and cashmere harmonize well with each other. A high-quality cashmere coat looks very classy with a chic cashmere scarf. For this combination, please make sure that the colors harmonize with each other.
  • On fashionable office look With a tight pencil skirt and pumps can be completed very well by a cashmere sweater.
  • Also like to replace the skirt with a pair of pants. If Fabric or denim. With a cashmere sweater looks this station wagon top! Of course, you can also wear sneakers with jeans and sweaters.
  • On cashmere scarf also goes well with clothes. Especially if you wrap him around his shoulder like a stole. Add a chic handbag, great earrings and pumps and you can even go to the opera.
  • If you prefer it exciting, wear leather cashmere, This combo looks particularly cool and rich in contrast, if the cashmere piece is kept in a delicate color. On beige cashmere sweater Under a leather jacket or leather leggings looks always exciting. But please do not overdo it with the leather! One piece is enough.
  • Put a nice accent on your cashmere. For example, if you have a colored cashmere scarf, keep the rest of the outfit in muted colors to give the it-piece enough room to work.
  • Under the cashmere sweater can also be a white blouse great to wear. Perfect for the office and a chic everyday look.

You see, it really is not difficult to put together a successful cashmere outfit. Cashmere can be styled so versatile that you can wear the same garment everyday, and yet always look different.

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