IKEA PS Launch 2018 – As #IKEABlogger in Paris (including raffle)


I pack my suitcase and take with me … once the whole IKEA PS collection 2014! I would have loved to have done so when I was in Paris for 12 hours on 13 March 2014 and witnessed the worldwide presentation of the new design collection from my favorite Swede.

At the end of January, IKEA had raffled off 2 invitations to be part of the blogger distribution list as an exclusive #IKEABlogger in Paris. With a BRÅKIG headdress as job application and luck I was actually pulled out of the (certainly very large!) Lostopf. at Ricarda 2 years ago I had already followed the presentation of the IKEA PS collection 2012 in Milan – so now it should be my turn to bring exclusive insights from Paris to the German blogger universe! And I hope I do not disappoint you with the image and information material that I may present to you here today.

From blogger to editor

My day as #IKEABlogger started early, very early. Already at 7 o’clock I was on a plane from Dusseldorf to Paris and did not really know what to expect there. Would I be alone with Interior-Profibloggern with my half-knowledge? Ask the wrong questions? Do not have enough industry know-how? Nervously, I entered the foyer of the Sheraton Hotel at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to look for a blue IKEA FRAKTA bag (the badge!). But far and wide, nothing was in sight. Only a small group of girls talking in German. Women? German? In Paris? That could only be my connection! So all courage taken together and with the words “Are you the other IKEA bloggers?” Immediately in the first foot. “We are all print!” I was quickly taught and then got to know the nice troupe of editors:

IKEA PS editors
Paris facadesParis cupcakes

Oh la, la haute cuisine!

So there I was – the blogger alone among residential editors. On the subsequent journey on the RER train to the Gare du Nord in the center of Paris, however, we all quickly started talking about the upcoming day. On the most beautiful first spring day we strolled together past dreamlike Art Nouveau facades through the 9th arrondissement. Our first agenda item led us directly to eagerly awaited lunch matière in the 15 rue Marie et Louise. We were amazed when we entered the “living room restaurant” with just one table. The colleagues from IKEA France had done a great job and invited us to lunch at the probably most beautiful, tastiest and unique restaurant in the area. Black, white and copper where the eye only reaches! From the espresso spoon to the toilet bowl, every little detail adheres to this color concept and I would have liked to add myself as a decoration.


So 9 Interior Design enthusiastic women sat in Paris at noon and feasted on a 3-course menu * of black-matte plates: asparagus soup with Maultaschen-insert, pork with polenta and the culmination of a crispbread-lemon creme boat with meringues. NOMS. This was definitely not just some nice lunch but a very special culinary highlight of the day!

* The chef from Matière puts together every morning and evening a menu of appetizer, main course (fish or meat) and dessert. Highly recommended for a flying visit in Paris!

Paris Matiere Paris MatiereMatiere appetizer

“The German group has arrived!”

The digestive walk then took us right along the Quai de Valmy to the event location, past young and old Parisians who were just having their lunch break on the banks of the quay. Hach, there it was again. This is a very special Parisian flair! For the German journalists, a fixed date for the presentation of the collection was reserved and it was now necessary to comply! Armed with a press kit, a camera and a notebook, we quickly turned into the backyard of an inconspicuous residential building – and there we were already standing in front of the oversized glass greenhouse through which the entire IKEA PS 2014 collection meandered.

PS: That’s IKEA PS

It was not long before one of the designers personally picked us up and guided us through the individual exhibition corners. The IKEA PS (= Post Scriptum) collection is not just any collection but the design statement from IKEA. Since 1995, every two years, it has been designed by Swedish designers under a specific theme. In 2014, 15 young designers from all over the world were invited to the workshops for the first time.

According to IKEA itself “the target group of the collection are creative young or young city dwellers”. Probably the part of the population that most of us are counting on. Regular removals, quick adjustment and little room for propagation. All of this characterizes life in the urban environment of a big city. On this basis, the designers teamed up and designed more than 50 pieces of furniture that can travel as a piece of “transportable home”. So they are all pieces that impress with their multifunctionality and livelihood without a hammer or nail. I present you today my 5 favorites:

IKEA PS Bento BoxIKEA PS Bento Box TableIKEA PS Bento Box Table

The gigantic bento box fully complies with the principles of the new PS collection: lightweight material ensures fast transport, the four different colored trays are stackable and can be used as storage space or as a serving tray. The height is adapted to sofa’s and so the four-storey storage is also a couch table. All in all an “open creative solution”, in the spirit of PS Designer. The table costs 59.- Euro and is also available in white (my favorite!). PS: who buys two variants can stack whole corner shelves with it, e.g. as corridor etc.

IKEA PS Death StarIKEA PS Death StarIKEA PS Death Star

The most famous piece from the IKEA PS 2018 collection is undoubtedly the Death Star Lamp. It’s even referred to by the designers themselves, and it’s been revealed to us that their creator, David Wahl, is an avowed George Lucas fan. It is the Sci-Fi counterpart to the Dandelion Lamp for me and can supposedly be put together in less than 25 minutes. The great thing about her: through the two strings, the brightness can be dimmed manually, creating a romantic candlelit dinner. Your price is 49.- Euro and I must confess that I could only with a heavy heart of the string solved!

IKEA PS Knee Pads tableIKEA PS Knee Pads tableIKEA PS Knee Pads table

The tall designer Mathias Hahn has created my personal highlight for tall people: the knee-protector table made of solid pine. Price with 199.- Euro, although not so cheap but all the more practical, because all 4 edges are tapered so that no knee has to suffer anymore. Long legs fit comfortably under the table with a height of 75cm and mint and gray drawers on the sides even provide invisible storage space. Perfect!

IKEA PS wardrobeIKEA PS wardrobe

A Swedish pine forest was the inspiration for the Swede Ebba Strandmark and her idea of ​​a pine forest coat rack. What I particularly like here are the rounded edges and the natural look, combined with the bright birch material. The small tree with the mirror is great for a last hairstyle check in the hallway and the storage of scarves, keys, etc. The small version costs 14.99 Euro and the large 29.- Euro.

IKEA PS beer bench setIKEA PS beer bench setIKEA PS beer bench set

The second piece of furniture by Mathias Hahn from the PS collection is the beer bench set 2.0. It consists of a folding table (99.- Euro) and two folding benches (each 59.- Euro), which can be placed in a few simple steps in the balcony landscape. Due to the special coating, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Gone are the days of shaky, splintery beer sets – from now on you can also grill in style!

The eighth IKEA PS collection will be available in Germany from April! All information is available from 01. April also under http://www.ikea.com/ps, More pictures of the new collection can be found in my Flickr photo album,

If you do not want to wait that long, you can already take part in the following raffle, because I brought you an exclusive goodie from the new collection from Paris! Just write me until 26.03.2014 in the comments, which is your favorite piece from IKEA PS 2014 and for what reason. This gives you the chance to win a wall clock by the two designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings even before the launch of the collection in the IKEA stores. The special thing about the watch: the hour hand is applied to a transparent, rotating disc. With the rubber strap, it can also be hung anywhere without a nail: on a drawer knob, on a door handle, …

Good luck!

IKEA PS raffle

Many Thanks IKEA Germany for the great event and IKEA France for the organization and daily planning (the restaurant!) in advance.

Update 31.03.2014

The digital lucky fairy drew the winner!

The wall clock from the brand new IKEA PS collection 2018 has won the comment with the number 16: Vanessa von der 2 room Residence (well, how fitting!). CONGRATULATIONS, I wish you a lot of fun with the new time indicator!


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