How to protect yourself from dangerous tropical diseases


Especially those who travel a lot are aware of the danger of diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes. However, those who have never dealt with the subject, often starts completely unprotected in the first long-distance travel. Here you find out the best tips to protect against mosquitoes and diseases transmitted by it.

Typical diseases & types of fever

mosquitos diseases
Mosquitoes transmit dangerous fevers!

malaria Everyone probably knows. Nevertheless, many people associate it only with Africa. But malaria is found in far more areas outside of the African continent. Also in parts of the Caribbean, in South America, Asia and other tropical zones there are always cases in which also tourists are affected.

Apart from malaria, however, there are numerous other diseasesthat are transmitted by mosquitoes. These include, for example:

  • The Zika virus
  • dengue fever
  • yellow fever
  • Chikungunya fever
  • West Nile fever

The best tips against mosquitoes

The matching mosquito spray offers great protection!

For long-distance travel, the right preparation is the be-all and end-all. This also applies to the subject of mosquito repellent. Therefore it is strongly recommended to try it at home, which means are best addressed, After all, not all active ingredients help everyone equally. So you better test before departure if the remedy offers you reliable protection and if you may not be allergic to it.


Active ingredients like Icaridine or DEET are not exactly gentle. Sensitive skin types therefore often react with mild allergic reactions. Apart from the right mosquito repellent (we recommend the drug DEET with 40% concentration for long-distance travel in the tropics, by the way), you should still do more errands:

  • mosquito net: Make sure the net is tight and designed for two people. Tip: Neatly impregnate before departure.
  • Take different sprays: On site sometimes different drugs help better or worse. Take one spray with DEET and another with Icaridin.
  • Impregnate clothing: Wear long, loose and bright clothes. Mosquitoes love dark shades because that's where they feel safe. Also impregnate the clothes before leaving and after washing.
  • Buy mosquito repellent clothing: Yes, you are listening correctly. Not so well-known, but extremely effective, is special clothing against mosquitoes. It is impermeable and with a special fiber (with permethin) Provided.
  • Caution in the room: Only book mosquito protection accommodation on windows and balcony doors. Close the doors in the evening while the lights are on. Turn on the fan and / or the air conditioner!
  • Pack remedies for itching: If it does happen, you should act as quickly as possible and cool the sting quickly at best. You can also apply a gel, such as Fenistil. In addition, a mosquito repellent pen (bite away) is essential in your luggage!


Before you embark on your journey, it is first time to get information about the destination, Then you know exactly what mosquito species and diseases you (can) expect there. A good contact point for information are for example one tropical Institute or a specialist in tropical diseases. Also at the Foreign Office, there are usually many helpful information. If you stick to the tips mentioned above, you will not really get in the way of a dream trip!

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