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Happy Easter! (including Easter cards freebies)


Yesterday we packed Christmas presents and the day after tomorrow we are looking for Easter eggs again? Is it just me or is this year just going to fly ?! The first quarter of 2015, we have just left behind us and turn with the beginning of spring straight into number two. Easter is the weekend, usually followed by a conference marathon followed by my birthday, the summer vacation, our wedding, the honeymoon and then we can ski again. It’ll be dizzy!

But now let’s celebrate in peace Easter or her, because I exchange the annual kinship visits this year against the visit of an old school friend in Paris ❤ 4 days Macarons instead of Easter eggs and Croque Monsieur instead of Easter brunch! Nevertheless, I like to write a little Easter card for my sweetheart, to put my thoughts in a few words. As an analogue person, I always enjoy making and labeling the cards myself.

H (e) i!

I wanted to get my watercolors out of the drawer for a long time and that’s the perfect opportunity! The fascinating thing about watercolor painting is that the end result is always a surprise because the colors run into each other with their own will and form patterns. My little Easter H (e) i and his happy friends were quickly painted and on a laid paper card with one Hand lettering Greeting makes it pretty good, right?

Easter cards Easter cards

Easter cards freebies

If you are such a last minute doner (and thinker) like me, I have the happy H (e) i friends here for you to print out! Just pick out your favorite egghead and use it with the local printer, preferably with handmade paper or thick cardboard. Happy Easter!


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