7 questions to … Charlotte Karlinder

Charlotte Karlinder is a TV health expert and known from forms such as "healthier with Karlinder" and "The Karlinderwoche". Together with her daughter, the two-mom has now written a new book: "Health, a breeze!" What role health plays in her family, she reveals in our 7 questions.

Health can be so much fun if you do not forbid anything, but see the many beautiful opportunities that bring a healthy life with it. So that children learn this from the beginning, the medical journalist and TV health expert Charlotte Karlinder has written a book together with her 11-year-old daughter June: Health? A breeze! The idea arose on the way to school, which the scribe duo of course travels on foot.

We talk so much about health and what a pity it is that children do not learn this at school – so we came up with the idea of ​​writing a book together.

The result is a parenting guide to all the issues & questions that concern parents today: How can I tell at the pee, if I’ve had enough drunk? How much tablet is allowed? How do I get the vegetables in my child? How do I make exercise fun in my everyday life? Junes child-friendly explanations and the beautiful photos of her father complete this guide. A true family project for a healthy life.

7 questions to ... Charlotte Karlinder // RASPBERRY
© Reinhard Hunger / Droemer Knaur

What did you imagine differently before you had children?

What I did not know is how much space children take, that from the moment of birth everything goes differently than planned. You can almost no invitation to eat more accept or make appointment, because with certainty then just a child is sick or throws himself rage on the floor, because it does not want.

I had pinkish glasses for kids, as with most things in life – luckily maybe, otherwise I would not have those funny, redheaded housemates today. ?


How would you describe your parenting style?

Unfortunately, rather than “always concerned about loving consequence – and failed in 90% :)”. But always trying is what counts, right? (Laughing). No, seriously: My weak point is actually saying no. I do not do that too much – but if it is REALLY important then it does. My sister once said to me – and she is a psychologist and MUST know: “You always have to think about which fight to take.”

Which means: Always think for a minute: Is it worth it now to fight or is it not that important? Otherwise, half of the day ends in fighting. And then it’s no fun anymore. But consequence in the important places is indispensable. And shower with as much love as possible – then the rest will come all by itself. That’s what Astrid Lindgren once said – and it’s so true!

What do you most like to do when you are without children?

Then I ONLY do things that you can not do with children. For example, working – I am a workaholic because I love my job so much. Every Monday on Tuesday I am for the Sat.1 breakfast television in Berlin – there I work from the moment I am in the plane or train, until I arrive in the taxi outside the front door. And then I do all kinds of things that do not go with children: sitting in restaurants (with children a nightmare!), Go to bed late, sleep late. All that.

What do your children find really stupid about you?

That I set up a blocking period for the Ipads. After 60 minutes a day Daddelei goes out the Ipad. And from 22:00 o’clock to 8:00 o’clock not at all. New games must be requested before you can download them. There I am sitting somewhere at the airport and the message comes: “Request from Lovis Karlinder: Download Brawl Stars?”. And then I can release or not. And in the evening see exactly what they did on the Ipad. Since then I am on the mother scale only 9 and not 10 anymore

7 questions to ... Charlotte Karlinder // RASPBERRY
© Reinhard Hunger / Droemer Knaur

What’s the best thing about living with children?

That it’s such a lively, funny and crazy everyday life. As annoying as it is sometimes when they say on Tuesday evening at 18:20 clock: “Achso, Mom, tomorrow we are in art a dragon string of 8.5 mm thickness in purple-yellow checkered bring!” Or “Tomorrow is the way the math – like is that still possible with the binary system? I did not understand that yet … “and it jumps in the face of stress in the square: I just love to share their lives with them and hope that it will take a long time for them to move out – at least 9 years if I am Do not do too much wrong. ?

What is your favorite family recipe?

Who now expects that I come with something healthy around the corner: Unfortunately not. These are the Swedish cinnamon rolls of my grandmother – they are SO delicious and we often bake them on Sundays. Incidentally, you will also find the recipe in our book “Health? A breeze! “.

What are your favorite company recommendations?

Get two walkie talkies (a great birthday present!) And go out with the dog in the forest drive (necessarily buy a four-legged, if it is possible – is not as labor-intensive as anyone think!), In the garden an insect hotel make a skin cream from an aloe vera plant, bake together, have even put pizza, watch series (our favorites are “Modern Family”, “The Middle” and “The Good Place”) and ice cream from the 0.5 Eat a liter cup and hang a swing in the apartment!

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