Knit cozy baby blanket with block stripes

Knit cozy baby blanket with block stripes // RASPBERRY


In winter, we all want to have it comfortable, even our youngest. That's why we show you today how to knit a cuddly baby blanket.


  • 200 g of Scheepjes Stone Washed XL (70% cotton, 30% acrylic, LL 75 m / 50 g) in Axinite (Fb 871)
  • 200 g in Corundum Ruby (Fb 848)
  • Circular needle 5,0 mm, 80 cm long
  • Vernähnadel


about 70 x 70 cm

Stitch test (curled right with needle 5.0 mm)

17 M x 20 R = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting instructions: Knit baby blanket with block stripes // RASPBERRY
© EMF, Patrick Wittmann

Knitting instructions for the baby blanket:

Preparation: The basic pattern

The ceiling is worked in block stripes and with pattern change from the bottom up. In each pattern, the back and forth R are knit identically.
RM: In Hin and RückR the last M with FV as the left side dep.


Step 1: The first block strip

Attach 120 M in Axinite for the 1st block strip and one back R only with right sts.
1st R (Hin-R): Right str to 1 st before end, RM.
2nd R (reverse R): Like the 1st R str.
The 1st-2nd R still 7 times, then 16 R are knitted (the back-R at the beginning not counting). Cut off the thread.

Step 2: The second block strip

For the second block strip, switch to Corundum Ruby. The next Hin-R right str to 1 m before the end, RM. Thereafter, the pattern begins with a return R.
1st R (reverse R): 6 sts to the right, * 2 sts to the right, 1 st *, from * to * wdh to 6 sts before the end, 5 sts to the right, RM.
2nd R (Hin-R): Like the 1st R str.
The 1st-2nd R still 9 times, then there are 21 R knitted (the last Hin-R included before pattern start).
Another back-R like the 1st R str. Cut off the work thread.

Step 3: The third block strip

For the third block strip change back to Axinite and a total of 8 times the 1st - 2nd R str. This block strip thus consists of a total of 16 R. Cut the working thread.

Step 4: Completing the baby blanket

The pattern sets of the second and third block stripes are now 3 times wdh, so a total of 5 block stripes in Axinite and 4 block stripes in Corundum Ruby can be seen. In the following Hin-R turn off all M right. Cut the thread, sew all threads, dampen the cover and slightly tension.

Tip: To enlarge the blanket, you can simply add a higher even number of stitches at the beginning. If you want the ceiling to be longer, do more repetitions of the block strip pattern sets.

For knit newcomers are here the most important abbreviations: M = stitch, R = row, back and forth R = back and forth row, RM = edge stitch, FV = take the thread to the front, take off = detach, then strum, knit = K, = repeat, draw = K, U = envelope

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