Experience autumn with children – 9 ideas


Autumn, children, crafts, ideas, everyday life, consciously experiencing seasons

To experience the autumn with children, to consciously perceive the season, That's what I set myself. And not just for the fall, but also for winter, spring and summer. Because whether -3 or +30 degrees, sunshine or rain – you can do such wonderful, usually very simple, things with children.

Since I'm a big fan of lists and easy overviews, I like sharing mine 9 ideas for the topic “Autumn experience” with you.

Lately, I have deliberately thought and written down what I would like to do in the coming days and weeks with my boys. This is for the most part to very simple things, But these are the ones that usually create the very special moments. And that was our example Sunday walk with fly a kite an unforgettable trip. Although the wind was not so upbeat and the kite mostly swayed just above the earth – the boys were so ecstatic that it was just wonderful to watch.


Autumn, children, crafts, ideas, everyday life, consciously experiencing seasons

In addition, we are currently enjoying it a lot to discuss, plan and, of course, celebrate upcoming celebrations, But it does not always have to be connected with a lot of fanfare and sometimes it can happen spontaneously, like on September 29th. Michaeli. When leafing through (on the 28th) through the “seasons book” I saw that on the 29th Michaeli is. Nothing so with planning and Co., but quite spontaneously we have on 29. delicious tea-cake baked (instead of swords), Michaeli read stories and sung two songs. Very simple, very nice.

Experience autumn with children – 9 ideas
  1. Handicrafts in the fall -> Crafting is of course a thing that fits wonderfully into the fall. Natural materials are just waiting to be transformed into males, pictures and more. If you are looking for ideas, then look up “Handicrafts in the fall” past. Here I have pinned massive. But it does not always have to be a big craft thing. Sometimes the best thing is to make the kids easy. For this I wrote an article on Aldi Inspiriert, likes to visit: Handicrafts in autumn with children,
  2. Train fine motor skills -> A craft idea, but a very special as I think. Beautiful pieces of leaves, apples, cars, males or, or, or … are created with a piece of cardboard that you / children can cut into shape and a thread. This not only makes fun, but also promotes children's concentration and fine motor skills ,
  3. Celebrate festivals / customs -> In autumn there are some festivals and customs. Discussing, preparing and celebrating with the children just makes a lot of fun.
    Thanksgiving 07.10.
    Michaeli 29.09.
    St Martin 11.11.
    Halloween 31.10.
  4. Baking and cooking -> If we were a bit lazy in the summer when it comes to cooking and baking together, I am now more and better with the boys in the kitchen. How to treat delicious Autumn recipes, neatly nibble dough and look forward to tons of apple compote from grandma.
  5. fly a kite -> Somehow a must in the fall, fly a kite. What was wonderful that a few days ago.
  6. Observe flora and fauna -> In autumn you can spend a lot of time watching the flora and fauna. The leaves turn colorful and eventually fall off the tree, animals are looking for food, in the garden is a lot of work. For example, we have created a flowerbed for spring and want to plant raspberries for the days.
  7. coziness celebrate -> It gets cozy now, or as you say: hygge. For autumn, a decent portion of coziness belongs to me. Board games are pulled out of the cupboard, in the afternoon there are tea and biscuits. We like to bathe with “a lot of foam” and for hours.
  8. Campfires -> We would like to spend an evening around the campfire or at the fire basket with bread and songs this year. I imagine that cozy and very special. The cold in the back and the heat in the front. Between the teeth, a bit burned, stick bread. Experience adventure, small – great for the kids.
  9. Treasure hunt in nature -> For our three-year-old son this will be a great thing. Yes, I'm curious how she will like him. I have planned to print small pictures of acorn, walnut, beechnut, snail shell, etc. and place them in an egg box. And now it starts. Will he find the right thing for every picture ?!

Autumn, children, crafts, ideas, everyday life, consciously experiencing seasons

Autumn, children, crafts, ideas, everyday life, consciously experiencing seasons

Do you have any actions or things that you would like to experience in autumn? If so, she likes to share with me or us. I am always happy about new suggestions.

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