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Happy Easter with the “Mrs. Hell Shopping Week 2017” + Easter Cards DIY


After GLAMOR Shopping Week this year for the first time follows the Ms. hell Shopping Week! So who is in favor of -20% with the lettering materials in the idee.Creativmarkt Onlineshop Now you can save 20% on all my lettering guides! I deliberately combined the actions with each other to give all lettering beginners a good start. But the time is also perfect, because over the Easter holidays you might finally find some quiet moments to pick up the (brush) pen.

All conditions at a glance:

  • Duration: 12.-19.04.2017
  • Coupon Code: SHOPPINGWEEK17
  • Valid: all products from the Ms. hell online shop (except coupons)

My recommendations

  1. Hand lettering guide: for the absolute lettering newbie to get a sense of letter shapes, spacing and uniformity in the typeface with simple felt pens
  2. Brush Lettering Guide: for the advanced typeface artist to create a calligraphic look with brush pens
  3. Lettering Guide Bundle: For the complete introduction with hand and brush lettering guide in the favorable set
  4. Mother's Day Printable: to print for the upcoming Mother's Day (or as an inspiration to pause)

Free Easter goodies

As special Gutzerl there is in the promotion period to each order 4 smartphone wallpapers and 2 Easter card printables also! These are located as a download link directly in the order confirmation via e-mail (please check the spam / advertising folder!), So you can use the files directly. The smartphone wallpapers are macro shots (see #frauhoelleweeklywallpaper) from my flower2000.de Easter Bouquet with pussy willow, gerbera, anemone and carnation:


Letter Board: Design Letters Message Board *

Easter Cards DIY

If you still need a nice Easter card for the relatives can be in an order in the Online shop Print one of these printables at home. The designs are designed as a folding card on DIN A4, but can of course also be cut out as a postcard:

And that's how easy you make the printable a real highlight in your Easter basket:

  1. Print a printable PDF file on handmade paper (e. G. de Gert's stationery)
  2. All four edges using an aluminum ruler (e.g. Wedo cutting ruler *) tear off by hand
  3. Further folding card made of thicker paper (e.g. Mondi 300g *) as an inlay
  4. Matching tassel Bäckergarn tinker (see manual)
  5. Wrap tassel around both cards and knot at top and bottom
  6. Finished!

Have some nice Easter holidays with lots of time for your loved ones and creative hobbies like lettering or watercolor painting!

Note: the links marked with * are affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission for the recommendation.

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