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Brush Lettering DIY – A heartfelt frame for Mother's Day


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In 7 days it is time again! On 08.05.2016 we celebrate the person to whom we owe our lives: our mother, Mother's Day has always been something special for me as an only child and I've been tinkering with it since I started thinking. Or baked. Since the latter is not one of my great talents (my very first Mother's Day cake I tried in the microwave to bake!) I'm the last few years rather stayed with DIY 🙂

And what could be more personal than a hand-nailed artwork? All our love is in the letters, no writing is like the other, and our mother is framed nicely enough to give him a place of honor. The best part is that you do not have to be a lettering world champion! Every lettering is unique and filled with love for the greatest woman in the world. With the Brush Lettering Guide you can easily acquire the basic forms of the letters and add words to them based on my template. Sorry for the pin – now it's time to make it!

That's what you need



Incidentally, the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens has been available since May idea. Creativmarkt online store for the introductory price of 3.19 EUR (valid in May 2016) to buy. And faithful woman hell readers get on top with that Coupon Code MRS. HOELLE (valid from 03.05.- 16.05.2016) again -10% discount! You can also make yourself a Mother's Day present – or as I buy a few standard colors in stock 🙂

That's how it works

1. Cut out the paper


The width of the Canson XL Bristol Block fits exactly in the 20x20cm picture frame – only in the height one sheet of the block must be cut off with the help of the back of the frame as a template. The Canson XL Bristol paper is both quite thick (180g) and super smooth, so the sensitive brush pen tips will not be damaged!

2nd sentence prescribe


Who says that you need to be able to let loose hands without auxiliary lines? Exactly, no one 🙂 I always write large documents in pencil first – so I can correct gaps, flourishes and word weightings better. Be sure to use a softer pencil, otherwise the lines in your paper are “scratched” and difficult to erase. The important words in a sentence or phrase I lettere always bigger and more conspicuous than the “filler words” in between. In this case will be mummy and best then highlighted by the brush lettering style.

3rd set last


The most beautiful part is of course the lettering itself. The Tombow ABT Dual Brush pen just flits over the smooth Bristol paper and the swipe and smear can be easily changed. I let the baseline of the brush lettering letters dance up and down, so the overall composition seems easy and not too strict. And if you still can not manage the brush pen yourself, you can also download and print my brush lettering. Download »

4. Stick paper in frame


When your Mother's Day spell is finished, it may sit on the back of the picture frame, which is quite easy to trigger. For this, it is best to apply a few strips of double-sided adhesive tape to the wooden board and then position the paper on top of it. Press – done!

5. Draw hearts


Now comes the colorful and hearty ornament! It's supposed to be Mother's Day roses Hearts rain for our mom, in all kinds of red and pink tones! You can also scribble them on the Canson XL Bristol paper with the brush tip of the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen.

6. Cut out hearts


Then you just need to patiently cut out the hearts, depending on how many you want to place on your artwork later. I have cut out the hearts with a fine white border, as they look almost three-dimensional in nature. By the way, a mixture of small and big hearts gives a nice dynamic!

7. Stick on the hearts and hang them up – done!


And then you have all the items of your heartfelt Mother's Day greetings together and can start the fine motor work. Hang the little hearts with the small wooden clothespins on the two lines and stick a few hearts in the gaps between them on the background. Be careful not to obscure words and balance the overall picture “for the eye” (evenly distributing hearts, writing and white space). And do not despair of the mini clothespins! 🙂

I hope you like my crafting idea and get inspired for a Mother's Day lettering. No matter what you make or lose, Your mom will be happy about it!

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